Our History

Clarks Green Founder Deacon William A. Clark was born in 1757. He and his sons William, Jeremiah and John were the first settlers in 1792, building a log cabin on the site of the current Clarks Green Cemetery. The next year Deacon Green’s entire family relocated here from Rhode Island. By 1812 the first road through the Borough was built and known as the Philadelphia – Great Bend Turnpike. Along the side of this road Deacon Clark’s son, Jeremiah Clark, built a Tavern as a stop for the stage coaches traveling the road. This was the first commercial business established in the Borough. As the community grew a militia was formed which held its practices on a greens ward (lawn) resulting in the name of the practice site, Clarks Green. The Borough was incorporated on May 5, 1914 and celebrated its centennial Memorial Day weekend 2014.

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