All STREET SHADE TREES located less than 25 ft. from the center of the road are
considered in the Borough’s right-of-way and requires a PERMIT for trimming and/or
removal. Permits can be submitted to Clarks Green Borough office, 104 N. Abington Rd.
or emailed to Olga Trushina, [email protected]. Permit form can be found at or the Commission’s website:

Ordinance No.2 of 2011 is an Ordinance pertaining to regulating the planting,
maintenance and removal of trees in the publics rights-of-way.
Requiring permits & insurance for the trimming & removal of public trees.
Section 16. Penalty states any person or firm violating any provision of this Ordinance
or its regulations shall be, upon conviction or plea of guilty,
subject to a fine not more than the cost of replacement trees plus court costs
and reasonable attorney fees incurred by the Borough in the enforcement proceedings
or $500, whichever is greater.